Does my gynecologist know how to treat altered vaginal micro-flora patterns or should I seek a specialist?

The vagina has a natural microflora that keeps it clean, and protects it from infection. Understanding the bacterial shifts of the vagina is a specialist area that not many gynecologists have taken the time to study.  Because of this you may be among the thousands of women who have asked– ‘Does my gynecologist know how to treat altered vaginal micro-flora patterns or should I seek a specialist?’

Vaginal Micro-Flora
The diverse micro-organisms present in the vagina are collectively referred to as the vaginal micro-flora. The bacterial flora consists of lactobacilli, which are considered ‘good’ bacteria, and also 30+ other strains of ‘bad’ bacteria. When the vagina is in good health, the lactobacilli predominate and are abundant to such a degree that they form a protective barrier for the vaginal mucosal surfaces and more importantly they secrete lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and a host of peroxidases that suppress the 30+ bad bacteria keeping them at low concentrations where they generally cause no harm.

Why seek a specialist for treatment
Alterations in the vaginal micro-flora can cause symptoms that are often assumed to be recurrent yeast infections, or a urinary tract infection. That’s the reason why many gynecologists treat these symptoms without realizing that the problem goes far beyond what they think may be obvious. But a specialist can help.

A specialist in vulvovaginal conditions, such as Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International, has the requisite diagnostic tools to determine the specific cause of the alteration in bacterial flora.

These tools are used to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the constitutients that are present in the vagina. Testing the vaginal fluid provides the answers the physician needs to effectively treat the condition. Based on the results of the test, a customized treatment program can then be crafted to restore balance.

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