How Can I Lift Sagging Breasts?

Are saggy breasts getting you down?  You’re not alone.  Most women experience changes in the appearance of their breasts over time, and sagging breasts are very common.  But how can you lift sagging breasts and restore their youthful shape and firmness?    

What Causes Breasts To Sag?

Sagging breasts may occur due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and aging.  Genetics may also play a role. 

How Can I Lift Sagging Breasts?

If you would like to lift your sagging breasts, a breast lift can help.  A breast lift raises the breasts and gives them a perkier more youthful appearance.  The procedure also improves nipple projection.

What Is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that is done to lift and reshape sagging breasts.  The procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the breast tissue.  The areola (dark area around the nipples) may also be reduced in size, to give the breasts a balanced appearance.

Women with loss of breast volume as well as sagging may need to have breast augmentation performed along with a breast lift.

Are You A Good Candidate For A Breast Lift?

If you have sagging breasts that you would like to rejuvenate, you may be a suitable candidate for a breast lift.   Candidates for a breast lift should also be in good overall health.

When the breasts are no longer firm and shapely it can affect a woman’s self-esteem.  Women that undergo a breast lift are generally satisfied with the outcome of the procedure, and feel more confident about the appearance of their breasts.

If you have droopy breasts that are making you unhappy, a breast lift can enhance the natural beauty of your breasts and make you feel better about your body. 

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