How does the Visia Complexion Analysis system work?

If you are looking for an effective way to improve the complexion of your skin, then Visia complexion analysis is a great way to check your skin’s health and vitality. Visia provides an objective analysis of the condition of your skin, so that an individualized treatment plan can be developed. But exactly how does Visia Complexion Analysis system work?

VISIA Complexion Analysis
Visia is a facial imaging system that is designed to help you understand your complexion. It does this by providing clinical measurement of irregularities above and below the surface of the skin.   Visia uses specialized imaging technology to review 8 skin properties, namely – red areas, texture, brown spots, wrinkles, UV spots, pore size, porphyrins (bacterial growth), and spots.

How does VISIA work?
VISIA utilizes a 3D viewer to capture images of your skin at various angles. The composite images provide a comprehensive complexion profile. Visia uses multiple lighting modalities to capture the images, which are then recorded electronically.

The system ranks the analyzed summary of your complexion profile against individuals within the Visia database of similar age, skin type, and gender.  Visia can also identify potential problem areas, so that professional treatments can be undertaken that will prevent them from occurring.

Visia Complexion Analysis in Chicago, IL
If you would like to learn more about how the Visia Complexion Analysis system works, contact the Skin Care Center, Chicago, IL. Visia will give you important information about the health of your skin. Based on these findings, our dermatologists will recommend the most appropriate treatment, along with the right skin care products for your concerns.

Call 773-296-3636 to schedule an appointment with our Chicago office. You can also contact our offices in Lake Forrest and Glenview, IL at 847-234-6121 and 847-901-0252 respectively.

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