How Long Does Discoloration Last After Vein Treatment?

Concerned about discoloration after vein treatment? Discoloration is an unfortunate side-effect of treatment for varicose or spider veins. Following vein treatment some patients develop dark brown spots in the treated area. But how long does discoloration last after vein treatment.

How Long Does Discoloration Last After Vein Treatment?

Discoloration or hyperpigmentation of the skin after vein treatment often occurs when the treated vein is located near the surface of the skin. Skin discoloration may appear after sclerotherapy or laser treatment, and is more common in people with darker skin tone.

Depending on the size of the vein the discoloration may take weeks or months to fade, as the body takes time to break down the pigment.

What causes discoloration after vein treatment?

Discoloration after vein treatment is often the result of the vein changing color as it is being absorbed by the body, so it simply means that the treatment is working. The skin may also look discolored if there is blood trapped in the treated vein as it collapses.

Minimizing discoloration after vein treatment

After treatment, patients are advised to carefully follow the instructions of their vein specialist, in order to minimize discoloration. Wearing the compression garment as directed is especially important as it reduces the chance of blood flowing back to the treatment area. In addition, limiting sun exposure can prevent further darkening of the skin.

If you are considering vein treatment be sure to choose an experienced vein specialist, as the chance of skin discoloration occurring is higher with an inexperienced doctor.

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