How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Will I Need to See Results?

If you have a bit of unwanted fat in a few areas, a non-surgical treatment like CoolSculpting may be all you need to reduce those bulges and trim your body. CoolSculpting is a safe, non-invasive fat reduction treatment. One of the most common questions patients ask about the procedure is – How many CoolSculpting sessions will I need to see results.

Quick Facts about CoolSculpting

  • CoolSculpting only affects fat cells: The applicator is placed on the treatment area and delivers controlled cooling that selectively targets the fat cells. Once the system cools the fat cells to the required temperature they freeze and die.
  • There is no downtime after CoolSculpting. Clients are generally able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment.
  • CoolSculpting is virtually painless. Patients may feel intense cold at the start of treatment, but this quickly fades when the area becomes numb.

How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Will I Need to See Results?

The number of CoolSculpting sessions you need to see results, will depend on the amount of fat to be treated, and your aesthetic goals.

Initial results can be seen about 3 weeks after treatment, but since the body takes time to process the fat cells frozen during treatment, final results can take 3-4 months.

One CoolSculpting treatment is all most patients need to achieve their desired results, as CoolSculpting reduces the treated area by about 20-25%. A second treatment can increase results, but patients are advised to wait at least 4 weeks before having the area re-treated (learn more).

Are you ready to sculpt your body with CoolSculpting? Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

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