How much down time is associated with facial fat grafting?

Have your cheeks lost volume? Is your face starting to sag? Facial fat grafting is a wonderful technique that can put back the volume in your cheeks, and make you look younger. If you’re interested in the procedure but not sure how much downtime is associated with facial fat grafting, we offer some guidelines below.

Facial aging
Aging leads to facial fat loss which makes the face appear hollow and sunken.  There is also a breakdown in the underlying structure of collagen and elastin that support the face, and this contributes to the formation of facial lines and wrinkles. These are all issues that can be addressed with facial fat grafting.

Facial Fat Grafting
Facial fat grafting is now widely used by plastic surgeons, because of its natural approach to facial rejuvenation. The procedure is also referred to as autologous fat grafting or fat transfer. The technique involves removing fat from another part of the body such as the abdomen, and then transferring it into the face.

How much down time is associated with facial fat grafting?
Swelling is the most significant side-effect with facial fat grafting, but there will also be some bruising and soreness. The duration of the swelling can be unpredictable, so it varies from patient to patient, but it typically lasts from1-2 weeks. It is advisable to sleep with the head elevated for the first few weeks. This will reduce stress on the face, and give the transplanted fat time to settle.

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