How to safely improve your spotted or wrinkled hands

If your hands are spotted or wrinkled then they’re a certain giveaway of your age, no matter how well you take care of your face and neck. If you’d like to get your hands looking radiant and youthful once again, there are several hand rejuvenation options available. However, it’s important to find out how to safely improve your spotted or wrinkled hands.

Hand Rejuvenation
Over time the hands lose volume, and this makes the veins and tendons more prominent, and makes the hands look old. In addition, excess sun exposure causes age spots and sun spots to develop.

Hand rejuvenation may require a combination of dermal fillers and laser therapy. Dermal fillers are a great way to volumize the hands, and laser therapy eliminates unwanted spots.

Dermal fillers and laser therapy for hand rejuvenation
Dermal fillers are an important part of anti-aging treatment, because they fill in lines and wrinkles to make the face appear more youthful, and they can also do the same for the hands.

Radiesse is a hyaluronic acid filler that has been FDA approved for hand augmentation. A tiny needle is used to inject Radiesse into the back of the hands, and the product is then gently massaged into specific areas in order to restore volume.

There is generally some swelling after the procedure, and this can last anywhere from 3-7 days, but there is no pain or downtime.

Laser therapy can be used to get rid of any brown spots and discoloration on the hands. Fraxel lasers are particularly effective in resurfacing the skin.

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