How is an allergy test performed? Could I have a traumatic reaction from having one conducted?

If you are bothered by persistent skin irritations, it’s a good idea to have it checked, because it may be due to an allergen. Your physician can do a simple allergy test to find out if this is so. Most people are unaware of what’s involved and so they are curious about how an allergy test is performed (click here). They also often ask their doctor, ‘could I have a traumatic reaction from having one conducted?’

Types of allergies
Allergic skin conditions may lead to inflammation as well as red, itchy rashes and scaly skin. These usually vary in size, and show up on different parts of the body.This is known as dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis are the 2 main types (learn more).

Atopic dermatitis may be triggered by food allergy or asthma, and is common in children, but may persist into adulthood. Contact dermatitis occurs because of direct contact with an allergen. Common allergens include detergent, cosmetics, hair dyes, latex gloves, and costume jewelry.

Allergy Test
Patch testing is a method that is used to identify what is causing your skin allergy. It involves the application of specific test substances to small patches of skin. The results will indicate which materials you have a reaction to, and the dermatologist will then tell you how best to avoid those allergens. Most people who undergo patch testing do not experience any traumatic reaction to the test substances.

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