Understanding the importance of improv training for actors

While improv is usually associated with the comedic actor, it’s a skill that is just as valuable for the dramatic actor. Nowadays, actors are expected to have a well-rounded acting education whether they are in theatre, film, or television, and this underlies the importance of improv training for actors.

What is improv?

Improv is a type of theatre in which spontaneity rules, because the dialogue, plot, and characters, are made up in the moment.  It prepares you for the fast-paced entertainment industry, so that you can work on the fly, but still be believable and honest.

Benefits of improv

Show business often presents scenarios that require a spontaneous yet appropriate response, and improv prepares you for that, because it equips you to ‘think on your feet.’ It improves the fluidity of your acting, making it more attractive and appealing.

Improv makes you fearless, and gives you the confidence you need to handle the various scenarios that come your way in an audition. This is especially true for commercial actors, who don’t know what they’ll be asked to do until they get to the audition. Therefore they only have a short period of time to understand the scene and respond, but the trained improviser can attack the scenario quickly, and snag the callback.

In order to get the optimal value from studying Improv, you should select a specialty Improv course. Some institutions include Improv training alongside other acting courses, but Improv is a specific skill that should be done on its own.

Improv workshops in Los Angeles

Now that you understand the importance of improv training for actors, why not sign up for improv classes at Carolyne Barry Creative Ent, Los Angeles, CA. Call them today at (323) 654-2212, or email carolyne@carolynebarry.com.

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