Irvine Teardrop Breast Implants

Traditionally, breast augmentation only involved the use of round breast implants, but now shaped implants are available. Plastic surgeons in Irvine therefore have the option to choose teardrop breast implants. The type of implant used is important, as it will determine the shape and look of the breasts after surgery. Some women prefer the teardrop shape, because of its close resemblance to the natural breast.

Teardrop breast implants are also known as shaped implants or anatomical implants. In order to look natural,most of the implant material should be below the nipple. This is the case with teardrop breast implants as the base is wider, and then it tapers towards the top. The implant maintains this shape whether a woman is standing or lying down.

In Irvine, it is possible to find teardrop breast implants in different sizes, so patients have more alternatives when making a decision. With this variety, a woman can choose the implants that best suit the look she desires. Teardrop implants are made of cohesive gel. This thicker material makes the implants firmer than other choices.

If a woman wants to improve the contour of her breasts, as well as the volume, then then shaped implants are a good option. They slope gradually downward, thereby creating a silhouette that is similar to the natural breast.

Plastic surgeons in Irvine use teardrop breast implants for reconstructive surgery. The implants can be tailored and shaped, which makes them look comparable to the breast tissue being replaced.

Shaped breast implants were approved for the US market in 2012, and since then they have steadily grown in popularity. If you are contemplating breast augmentation in Irvine, then be sure to choose a qualified board certified plastic surgeonwho is experienced with teardrop breast implants.

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