Is Psoriasis Contagious?

Psoriasis is a bothersome immune disorder that many people believe can be spread because of the lesions associated with it. The unsightly appearance of the patches and scales associated with psoriasis sometimes makes others shy away from people with the condition.  But is psoriasis really contagious, or does it simply look that way.

What is psoriasis?
Psoriasis is an immune system disorder that is characterized by red patches and silvery scales on the skin. These commonly appear on the face, neck, scalp, feet, hands, and elbows.

While medical research is not absolutely sure what causes psoriasis, it is believed to be related to the immune system. The problem arises because the skin cells are replaced at an abnormally high rate. This leads to build up of skin cells on the surface of the skin, as the skin does not get the chance to flake off. As a result, red, crusty patches of skin develop in some areas. The condition is often hereditary, but can be triggered by certain factors such as stress, alcohol, and hormonal changes.

Is it contagious?
The lesions associated with psoriasis may look dangerous, but they are not infections, so you certainly can’t catch the skin disorder from anyone else. Most cases of psoriasis are moderate to mild, but in severe cases the lesions can look frightful, causing those with the disorder to experience social embarrassment and depression.

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