Proven methods to Reduce wrinkles effectively

Wrinkles are a sure sign that the skin is starting to age. Before you know it, fine lines start to show up around the eyes and mouth, as well as across the forehead. While a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is known to ward off wrinkles, there are a number of cosmetic treatments that can be used to reduce wrinkles effectively. These include botox and dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing.

  • Botox is by far the most popular wrinkle reduction option. When applied correctly, it produces natural looking results that last for 3 to 6 months. Botox is a muscle relaxer, and when it is injected, it relaxes the muscles beneath the wrinkles. This causes the wrinkles to soften, and also prevents new ones from forming.


  • Dermal fillers also reduce wrinkles effectively, as they add volume and fill in lines. The most common dermal fillers are those made of hyaluronic acid. This includes Juvederm and Restylane.


  • Chemical peels are also a great way to reduce wrinkles.  Chemical peels exfoliate the top layers of the skin that have been damaged by the sun, and other environmental factors.They also get rid of dead skin cells. Removing these damaged layers will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and reveal youthful skin below.


  • Laser skin resurfacing utilizes cutting-edge technology to precisely remove the damaged skin layers. The laser energy penetrates the dermal layer of the skin, where it also stimulates collagen. Collagen is a skin protein that is responsible for making skin tighter. Wrinkles are a indication that collagen levels are low. When more collagen is produced, this helps to rebuild the structure of the skin, so that it becomes softer and firmer.

If you are concerned about wrinkles, and want to restore a more youthful appearance, then these are some of the best options to reduce wrinkles effectively.

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