Dealing effectively with vaginal burning with sex

Pain with intercourse can make what should be an enjoyable experience, very uncomfortable and distressing. The vaginal burning that occurs with sex is often due to a medical condition known as vulvodynia. The pain is usually felt around the opening of the vagina, as well as on the vulva, and may be intermittent or continuous.

Like several other vaginal disorders, vulvodynia is often misdiagnosed, and is therefore not properly treated. The experts in vaginal health at Fowler GYN International have advanced phase-contrast microscopic diagnostic tools needed to effectively analyze and formulate treats that have been used with success by hundreds of women.

The condition is commonly associated with no physical finding with the exception of sensitivity of the tissues to touch, leaving doctors baffled. Consequently, some  conclude that the condition is the result of psychological factors.

However, vaginal burning with sex is a very real pain syndrome with real symptoms. Some women experience pain so crippling that even wearing certain types of clothing, or engaging in normal physical activities, causes searing pain that is difficult to bear.

Fowler GYN International has conducted a lot of research into vulvodynia, and this has given them the know-how necessary to provide women with much-needed relief. While they are quick to point out that there will not be an immediate clearing of the condition, patients can expect to see noticeable improvement within 4-6 months. FGI has been able to help many women effectively treat the problem of vaginal burning with sex.

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