How a vulvodynia specialist can help ease your pain

Pain in the vulvar is a condition that often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, because many physicians are not familiar with the possible causes or cures. However, a vulvodynia specialist will be able to properly identify the condition, and suggest remedial action.

What exactly is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is chronic pain in the vagina or vulvar. Many women describe it as a searing, relentless burning or stinging in the vaginal region, which is often unbearable. For some women the pain is constant, for others it is intermittent, as they do experience some periods of relief.

Dealing with Vulvodynia
Physicians that specialize in vaginal disorders are few, and a vulvodynia specialist is even rarer. As a result, not many doctors are familiar with chronic vulvar complaints. There is only a very limited number physicians in the US that are considered specialists in vulvovaginal problems.

If you are suffering with vulvodynia and you have been unable to get any relief, then it is important to seek out a vulvodynia specialist. If not, it can have a damaging effect on your sex life. Left untreated, the condition can inhibit intimacy. In such cases, women are filled with dread just with the thought of intercourse.

Vulvodynia can also negatively impact your quality of life in other ways, as it makes simple tasks like sitting for long periods, concentrating, and even exercise extremely uncomfortable. For some women the condition takes such a hold of them, that they are unable to enjoy regular activities like working or taking part in social activities.

Pain in the vulvar can cause both physical and psychological distress, and as a result, it has put some women at risk for depression. The pain often makes women ill at ease, as their primary care physicians often discount their symptoms, and tell them that the symptoms are due to anxiety. The fact that their complaints are not always taken seriously often makes them depressed and angry.

The need for proper diagnosis
If vulvodynia is to be effectively dealt with, then proper diagnosis is important. This will ensure that the method of treatment is suited to the unique problems a woman may be experiencing.

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