Wrinkles around your eyes? Why you should visit an ophthalmologist for botox injections

Reducing wrinkles around the eyes is a great way to refresh your face, and get a younger look. We normally see the dermatologist about wrinkles, but have you ever thought about going to your ophthalmologist for help. Wondering why you should visit an ophthalmologist about wrinkles (click here)? There are a couple reasons why.

Visiting the ophthalmologist for botox injections is a good idea because of their:

Long before botox was approved for the correction of wrinkles, ophthalmologists were using it to treat various eye conditions such as eyelid spasms. Some patients, who were receiving botox for eye spasms, realized that it was also softening their wrinkles. Out of this discovery, botox started being used for cosmetic purposes.

Ophthalmologists have already received the requisite training to inject botox at the correct depth, and in the correct amounts. They know a lot about the use of botox, and have the relevant injection experience and training, to perform the treatments safely.

In some cases, board certified ophthalmologists have undergone additional, specialized training in plastic surgery, and are designated oculoplastic surgeons. Oculoplastics involves surgical procedures relating to the eyelid, eye socket, and eyelids. The oculoplastic surgeon focuses on doing corrective, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery on these structures.

Therefore if you have wrinkles around your eyes, these are a few reasons why you should visit an ophthalmologist for botox injections. Having botox injections done by a physician with this level of expertise is very reassuring.

If you are looking for an oculoplastic surgeon in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, contact Dr. Michael Loeffler, at the Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery. The Center for Ophthalmology also serves Lighthouse, FL, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and North Broward County. Call 954-786-5353 to schedule your appointment.

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