Will My Breast Augmentation Look Natural?

Nowadays, most women considering breast augmentation don’t want their breasts to look fake or overdone; instead, they want beautiful breasts that appear natural.    So during consultation with their plastic surgeon they often ask the question – Will my breast augmentation look natural.

Choosing the right surgeon

Patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery should always be guided by the professional advice of their plastic surgeon, so selecting the right surgeon is critical to the process.  It is always best to choose a skilled, experienced board certified plastic surgeon that has performed many successful breast augmentation surgeries. 

Will My Breast Augmentation Look Natural?

Whether or not your breast augmentation looks natural will depend on several variables including implant size, implant placement, and the amount of natural breast tissue.

  • Implant size

The implants selected should be the right size and projection for your body frame and shape.  The breast implants should be proportionate to the rest of your body, so that it enhances your figure, and creates a natural look.

  • Implant placement

Breast implants may be placed above the pectoralis major muscle (subglandular) or below the muscle (submuscular).  Results tend to look more natural when the implants are placed below the muscle, as the implant is fully covered.  However, the choice will depend on your unique circumstances.

  • Amount of natural breast tissue

If you have a small amount of breast tissue and the implants selected are very large, breast augmentation results may look fake, since there is inadequate tissue coverage.  Breast augmentation generally looks natural when there is adequate tissue cover.

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