Winter Eye Tips for Eye Health

When winter rolls around, many Americans forget all about the sunglasses and sunscreen that they never left home without in the summer. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the UV exposure in the winter, can be just as harmful to the eyes, as the bright UV rays of the summer. However, there are some simple winter eye tips that can help you maintain eye health in winter.

UV exposure in the winter

During the winter, UV radiation coupled with the wind and glare, can be unsafe for unprotected eyes.  In fact, UV exposure during the winter can be stronger, because the snow reflects as much as 80% radiation. Therefore playing around in the snow for several hours, may not be as harmless as it appears.

If you enjoy snowboarding or skiing in the winter, then it is important to exercise care when doing so, because elevation can also influence UV radiation. At higher elevations the air is thinner, and this actually leads to an increase in the levels of UV radiation in the atmosphere.  That means even on very cloudy days danger is lurking around, so you also need to keep your eyes safe when you are on the slopes.

Tips for winter eye care

Winter can have a negative impact on your eyes, so it’s important to remember these winter eye tips. Always protect your eyes with goggles when you are out in the snow.  If you are going to hit the slopes, make sure to have your sports goggles securely fitted.

If you shield your eyes from the wind and glare, then you can relax and enjoy your winter sports. Be sure to keep these winter eye tips in mind the next time winter comes around. They will greatly reduce your risk of UV exposure, and keep your eyes healthy.

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